AFG Spending Country Comparison - Correct Issues with Copy


Issue: On the AFG > Spending Country Comparison page, there are some copy issues to resolve.


  1. Page Title - Set 'other' to have the 'o' capitalized to be consistent with the other Country Comparison pages and to match the MAC. It should read 'Compare Federal Spending of the United States to Other Countries'.

  2. SEO Excerpt from MAC - The page-level SEO excerpt is removed. For reference, the verbiage being removed is as follows:

    1. Excerpt: Check out total spending of the United States compared to 169 {countries_compared} different countries in 2017. In this section, figures are presented using financial data from 2017 {country_compare_year} which allows us to provide you with the most recent spending data. In 2017 {country_compare_year}, the United States spent $4 trillion {compare_us_spending}, which is equivalent to about 21% {compare_us_spending_gdp} of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).


  1. The 2020 Refresh - America’s Finance Guide - Spending - MAC is located on the PME here.




Heather Breedlove

Validated in QAT on 5/10/2021 with results that displayed as expected.

Kelli Thompson
6 days ago

Per Slack discussion on 5/4/21, the PO decided that the page-level SEO ‘Excerpts’ would be removed from the AFG pages as they are not needed. Updated the AC accordingly.

Kelli Thompson
7 days ago

This is blocked until we can get a decision from the PO as to whether we should update the YAML file to include these missing variables (compare_us_spending and compare_us_spending_gdp are not in the YAML file at this time) or update the MAC to make the copy more general and not require YAML variables.




Kelli Thompson