AFG Debt Country Comparison - Correct Issue with Social Share Copy


Issue: On the AFG > Debt Country Comparison page, the social share copy needs to be corrected.


  1. For Twitter, correct the Social Share Copy to include the word 'countries' after the number 36. It should read '…for data from 36 countries.'


  1. The 2020 Refresh - America’s Finance Guide - Debt - MAC is located on the PME here.




Allie Wallis
6 days ago

Validated in QAT on 05/05/2021 with results that displayed as expected.

Kelli Thompson
6 days ago

Per confirmation from Andrea via Slack, we’re only sharing text for Twitter at this time. So for this ticket, validations can be focused on the Twitter share option.

Kelli Thompson
7 days ago

Can you confirm if the social share copy that we include in the MACs is expected to be included in all five of our social share methods? I ask because I currently only see it on Twitter for this AFG page. I can't test Facebook since I don’t have an account. When I try to share via Reddit, LinkedIn, or Email, none of them include the full social share copy in the MAC. Only Twitter has that. Just trying to determine if this issue is specific to Twitter. Thanks!!




Kelli Thompson