As an agency submitter, I need A33 cleaned up for FREC



  • A33 implementation is updated to use FREC to get which TAS is appropriate for certain shared AID (see list in - note that 1137/DSCA goes with DOD/97) per the below proposed implementation:
    "Validate whether all TAS reported by the entity in the GTAS file are also in File A, except for Financing Accounts, and that File A does not have any TAS which are not reported in GTAS, for the same reporting period.

If ATA is blank, use the Agency ID. If ATA field is present, then use that for this rule rather than Agency ID. However, for certain agencies that use a shared AID (list provided in DB-1943 ) , it is necessary to use the FR Entity Type instead. Look up the FR Entity Type (in the metadata associated with the agency being submitted) in the CARS table to get the list of TAS associated with the entity. Where those TAS exist in the GTAS file, use as comparison to the submitted file.

In addition, for each TAS where the Financial Indicator Type2 is “F” in the CARS file, ignore those TAS in the GTAS file for comparison to File A (do not fail if they are included in submission, however).

Also, if all of the monetary amounts (AdjustmentsToUnobligatedBalanceBroughtForward_CPE, BudgetAuthorityAppropriatedAmount_CPE, BorrowingAuthorityAmountTotal_CPE, ContractAuthorityAmountTotal_CPE, SpendingAuthorityfromOffsettingCollectionsAmountTotal_CPE, OtherBudgetaryResourcesAmount_CPE, BudgetAuthorityAvailableAmountTotal_CPE, GrossOutlayAmountByTAS_CPE, ObligationsIncurredTotalByTAS_CPE, DeobligationsRecoveriesRefundsByTAS_CPE, UnobligatedBalance_CPE, and StatusOfBudgetaryResourcesTotal_CPE) are zero for the TAS, the TAS can be excluded from the comparison to the GTAS table. Some TAS reported to GTAS net to zero on a line item level and therefore will not appear in the GTAS data file.


Joel Sop
November 15, 2017, 3:41 PM

EXIM asked about progress on this issue on 11/14/17.

Lisa Mitchell
June 21, 2017, 7:14 PM

Additional agency related A33 feedback:
Ticket created 20Jun2017, 3:22pm

The Rule A33 warning is being generated for all 406 non-$0 TAS' in our May File A submission stating that "Each TAS reported in File A should be reported in GTAS for SF 133, with the exception of Financing Accounts, or when all monetary amounts are zero for the TAS." However, the TAS' in our File A submission match what is in our SF-133.




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