FABS submission stuck in validation


*EXIM *(SD-2291 resolved)
"I tried uploading the file in FABS system (file ID: 6483). It gave me an error. However, the file is showing as validation in progress and does not let me delete it. It just shows the file. Please let me know, how I can delete this file and resubmit again."

Failed file: EXIM_ASSISTANCE_2017.10.01.csv
Failed Submission: 6492
Successful submission: 6493

User updated file to get it to submit. "When I had the problem, I tried to open the file with Notepad++ and it showed be blank. This file was encoded with ‘UTF-8 Without BOM’. When I deleted one record from this file, the problem started.
I regenerated the file from database without that one record. Then I did not have a problem. "

NRC (SD-2312 Open)
"How long does it take to validate? It has been over two hours and I think that the validation process got stuck. Also, I was going to delete this file and resubmit but I encountered an error and ended up aborting the deletion action."

Failed file:NRC ASSISTANCE September 2017
Failed submission: 6516

Note: SBA was part of this ticket but when user went back to submission, it indicted was published last night. Might be the IE update issue that Gita documented during user testing. SBA submission is 6597


Alisa Burdeyny
November 7, 2017, 3:27 PM

Jobs for submission 6516 failed manually so it can be deleted

Lisa Mitchell
November 6, 2017, 2:19 PM

attached NRC file that is stuck in validation




Lisa Mitchell


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