As a UX/UI designer, I need to move on to round 2 of the Help page edits, so that I can get approvals from leadership


See Confluence content and make sure it can be pulled into new Help page
Can there be a content mgmt. system for ease of maintenance for uploading new text


Gita Pabla
November 20, 2017, 3:07 PM

Hi !

It seems that you and Kevin prefer Option B located here:

My only hesitation is that the Help section is not robust enough to encourage traffic to Help section and reduce Help desk emails and calls. Would like to see a hybrid of Option A and B, and eventually add a search. Our challenge is that all of the content is housed in Confluence and we are still determining if we can import that content over, to ensure that an admin person enters the Help content only once. This work will become a ticket in the next sprint.

Thank you!



Gita Pabla


Gita Pabla