As an Agency user, I would like the Field Names split into columns on the error/warning reports


SD-2484 from NSF:
Not sure if and when are you planning to improve the broker error and warning reports that can provide the “Field names” from column C into separate columns on the excel report. Currently these fields are lumped into “Values provided” column E on the broker C/D1/D2 warnings report, for example for Rule label:

C8 – fain, uri, flex_acct_filec
C11 - piid, parentawardid, flex_acct_filec
C23.1 - piid, transaction_obligated_amou_sum, federal_action_obligation_sum
C23.2 - piid, parentawardid, transaction_obligated_amou_sum, federal_action_obligation_sum
C23.3 – fain, transaction_obligated_amou_sum, federal_action_obligation_sum, original_loan_subsidy_cost_sum

Having them separately would greatly help agency reconciliation process. Also, extending the same approach to the FABS warning reports would be beneficial to all the agencies. 484 from NSF:




Lisa Mitchell


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