Data table for large datasets does not refresh when date is selected from date picker


Select a Dataset that is large (records > 5000) and go to it's dataset detail page (Ex. Top/State)

  1. Select the 'Custom' Date picker.

  2. Select the earliest date for which data is available in the 'From' date field from the date picker (ex. 10/03/2005)

  3. Select the (earliest date + 1) in the 'To' date field from date picker (ex. 10/04/2005)

  4. The Data Table does not refresh and from then on the preset date range buttons also does not work.



Blocked Reason



Linnea Powell
June 22, 2020, 6:12 PM

descoping since we are removing the date picker from dataset detail

Matthew Brown
June 10, 2020, 2:23 PM

Note - The issue here is the calendar picker. If you select a date where the month+day is prior to the earliest month+day of the earliest year (say the earliest date is 06/30/1999, you would need to select any month/day before June 30th, even June 29th) and then use the year selector to go back to the earliest available year. The only way for this to work is for the "From" date to be set to the earliest date and for the "To" date to perform the above (month+day prior to earliest month+day, then set the year prior to the earliest), otherwise the dates will swap and the broken state won't occur at that time.

The same happens if do this beyond the latest date available (set the "To" date to the latest available date in the date picker, set the "From" month+day to go past the available month+day and then use the year picker to select the latest available year). Manually entering dates doesn't trigger the issue either. No console logs are seen either.




Ritesh Saraff