As a developer, I need to know when visualization data date labels should switch over to the next quarter and new fiscal year.



  • There is clear, consensus process for when the data "as of" labels should switch to next quarter.

  • There is clear, consensus process for when the FY data headers/labels should switch to new fiscal year.

  • The change is consistent throughout the site.

  • Documentation updated in style guide

  • DS story is written

Some considerations:

  • certification/due dates--what date do we switch over.

  • individual agencies v. totality of agencies (e.g., if showing an aggregated number of all agencies, but a few agencies didn't submit yet for Q3; can we still say it's Q3 data?)

  • some agencies will submit before the due date, so their data may be Q3 while the aggregated label still says Q2. Do we hold up that agency's data?

  • back end complexity

  • where do we explain our process--on the About page? In the Guide?

  • Entire homepage will need to switch over as well.