As a user, I want to have different file formats available for bulk downloads


Wanted to document this before legacy went down.

One feature that I've found useful within the data archives (bulk download) section of legacy USAspending is that it offers both CSV and TSV (tab-separated value) versions of the files. The latter is helpful in making the data easier to read-in for certain programs (e.g., excel).

More specifically: anytime commas are embedded within AwardDescription, excel is at risk of misinterpreting them, even if they are within quotation marks. If this happens, it basically leads to the entire data file getting corrupted upon load-in, such that elements get placed under the entirely wrong headers for much of the file.

So having a TSV (or pipe-delimited) option makes a lot of sense for bulk award data downloads, given the strong possibility of embedded commas.

1. Determine if this is a useful feature of the data download capacity
2. If so, implement it.




Ross Williford