As a user, I need a homepage that better orients me to what is offered on USAspending.


The homepage contains some great information, but in it's current form, it doesn't do a great job of orienting our users to what is on offer or how to best enjoy the site.

Initiate discussions on how to best approach a new homepage and create initial wireframes on a new design.

Things to consider.
• What outcomes are we looking to achieve?
• What does the current homepage do well?
• What does it not do well?
• Specifically, what is missing?
• Which audiences are we targeting?
• What do we do with the current content if a new homepage calls to replace it?
• What existing homepage can we model ours after?

Acceptance Criteria:
• Write up that contains:

  • Problems the new design will solve for

  • Expected outcomes (can also be used to for user testing criteria)

  • Strategy outline

• Initial wireframes of the new design