As a user, I need to quickly identify the different entities mentioned on the site.


In an effort to improve usability, let's create an icon set that features a distinct icon for each of the entities mentioned on the site.

Icons help users identify things, and establishing an association of entities with corresponding icons can help users know what they are looking at quicker.

Acceptance Critieria:
• Create icons for the following entities:

  • Awarding Agencies

  • Funding Agencies

  • Recipients

  • CFDA Programs

  • Industry Codes

  • Federal Accounts

  • Object Classes

  • Contracts

  • Grants

  • Direct Payments

  • Loans

  • Financial Assistances

  • Spending Over Time View

  • Ranking View

  • Map View

  • Table View

  • Download

  • Glossary

  • Filtering

  • Close Modal

  • Search

  • (anything else missing...)