As a schema developer, I need to update our guidance to remove the preceding "1" and "2" from the BOC so that we can help position the agencies for the BOC transition to GTAS


Background: GTAS will be implementing 4 digits for BOC, but will be a different structure than we currently support in DAIMS/Broker/USAs. The first 3 digits will be the A-11 code, and the last digit will be a 0 to allow for future expansion.  

Example: Currently 1210 would be interpreted as 21.0. But under the new system it would be interpreted as 12.1 (both of these are real object classes).


Review & update all DAIMS docs to determine which ones are impacted by this change. Initial thoughts include:

  1. Validation Rules - remove Rule B18, any other validation rules impacted?

  2. P&P - find and remove references to “1” and “2”, all BOCs should be 3 characters only, and D/R should be required

  3. RSS Files B and C - for ByDirectReimbursableFundingSource

    1. change Conditional per Validation Rule to Required

    2. remove beginning phrase in the Instruction column: When a 3-digit object class is reported, also and it should only say provide the abbreviated code label: "R" for "ReimbursableFundingSource", "D" for "DirectFundingSource".

    3. any other RSS changes needed to remove any reference to “1” and “2” or to change?


Jeffrey Callaway
April 21, 2021, 9:32 PM

I added Kristine’s suggested language as a Note to section 1.3.5.

alex jaja
April 21, 2021, 5:55 PM

Here's what was done in the MDR for this task:

  • Deleted Validation Rule B18 from Broker Rules and Rules Reference tabs

  • Applied edits for B11 and B12 in Broker Rules

  • Changed Instructions in File B and File C for ByDirectReimbursableFundingSource and ObjectClass elements

  • Regenerated MDR from the latest VRD changes

Kristine Sweet
April 21, 2021, 3:12 PM


adjusted these rules and the rules ref tab

B18: Deprecated since 1 and 2 should no longer be used to designate Direct or Reimbursable 

B12: Modified to note that the D/R flag is required when reporting obligations or outlays (regardless of whether a 3 or 4 digit object class is provided)

B11: Modified to note agencies should provide a valid 3-digit object class as defined in OMB Circular A-11, or a 4-digit code which includes a 1-digit suffix that is typically zero (e.g., "25.2" would be reported as 2520).


Kristine Sweet
April 21, 2021, 2:53 PM


File B and C: adjusted the Instructions column for ObjectClass and ByDirectReimbursableFundingSource to reflect that the D/R flag should be provided and that a four-digit object class should start with the three digit object class as listed in OMB Circular A-11.

Did not modify D/R to be “Required” since it would still be inapplicable when there are not obligations or outlays and the agency provides 0000.


Kristine Sweet
April 21, 2021, 2:35 PM

Potential language to add to 1.3.5 “Note” -

Object class is generally three digits, with a max length of four digits. If agencies provide four digits, the first three should align with the codes defined in OMB Circular A-11 (without the decimal), and the fourth (last) digit should be a zero (0) to allow for future expansion of the object class field. For example, object class 21.0 would appear as 2100 in the agency submission.



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